We Stand For Products That Create Solutions

In 2021, Innovamed started as a business run by two people in a 130 square foot bedroom-turned-officeand a two-car garage for a warehouse. And through it all, our values never changed. Innovamed was formed to focus on the needs of the elderly by providing products for safety and daily needs. Now still, the company is committed to offering products of the highest quality while maintaining accessibility and affordability. We offer solution-oriented products from the industry’s most trusted brands, hand-selected for their quality, effectiveness, and value.

We pride ourselves on having the opportunity to influence a person’s life positively. Thus, we find the latest and greatest innovations and products in healthcare and beyond. We greatly value our supplier relationships, just like our client relationships, which lead to unique special discounted pricing and promotions for you.

Our Mission

Innovamed was started by a married couple, both of whom are nurses. Rest assured that the company’s purpose was defined by two people who understand what the medical world needs, and what it lacks.We aim to make healthcare products (and more!) available to our customers at unbeatable prices. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with quality supplies. The heart of everything we do is aimed to fully justify your trust in our company.

Our mission is to provide customers with life-enhancing innovative products and to do so with integrity and professionalism. We came into this establishment to provide quality medical supplies and healthcare products to improve our consumers’ lives and support your independence.

why choose us ?

Are you on a budget? We’re here to offer your needs with keen attention for your budget. Our customers choose us because of our dedication to finding the best value time and time again.

Whether you are buying for a loved one or yourself, we make sure you purchase products from Innovamed Industries at the lowest prices. Through us, we ensure that you’ll find the latest and most innovative products from hundreds of different brands. We realize that it can get challenging to find products, and even when you find them it is hard to know which one is the best choice! Our website is meticulously curated to offer you only the best and the most affordable on the market. 

If you find that there are things missing, or there are things you need that we do not yet offer, send us a message by heading to our contact page and we will do our best to provide and meet your needs.

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