Dynarex Safety Lancets – Button Activated
Product Description

The Dynarex Safety Lancets are high-quality, medical-grade lancets designed for use in capillary blood sampling, diagnostic testing, and individual blood sugar monitoring. The lancets are pre-loaded, eliminating the need for additional lancing devices. The sterile tri-beveled needle features a retractable protective sheath to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries. Available in a variety of gauge sizes.

  • Designed for effective capillary blood sampling, diagnostic testing, and sugar-level monitoring
  • Stainless-steel tri-bevel tip provides optimal patient comfort
  • Protective, automatic retracting sheath helps reduce risk of accidental needlesticks
  • Lancet is pre-loaded and ready-to-use; no additional device required
  • 7124 Button mechanism allows for controlled needle depth
  • Gamma-sterilized for optimal hygiene
  • Color-coded by gauge size for easy identification
  • Not made with natural rubber latex



Product Type

Button Activated


26G- 1.8 mm

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