Dynarex SiliGentle AG Silver Silicone Foam Dressing **Non-Bordered**
Product Description

Soft and adaptable dressings, providing a moist wound environment with an antimicrobial effect and a silver compound. Superior absorption effectively locks away exudate while releasing silver for optimal healing.

Dynarex’s SiliGentle AG Silver Silicone Bordered and Non-Bordered Foam Dressings excel in exudate management and antimicrobial protection. Soft and adaptable, they provide a moist wound environment to accelerate healing. The silver foam core not only absorbs exudate, but also releases silver ions into the wound bed for an antibacterial effect.
Choose this as a primary or secondary dressing for wounds where infection is already established or at risk of re-infection. The highly absorbable foam is suitable for treating leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, second-degree burns, donor sites and partial to full thickness wounds at stages 2, 3 and 4. SiliGentleAG is available with or without a border, in a variety of convenient sizes. The gentle silicone adhesive border provides secure adhesion with a low potential for skin irritation.
  • Soft and conformable, dressing with silver compound, providing an antimicrobial barrier.
  • Suitable for wounds with delayed healing due to bacteria, infection, or wounds at risk of re-infection.
  • The silver foam core absorbs exudate, while releasing silver ions into the wound bed for an antibacterial effect.
  • Vapor-permeable waterproof film and silicone contact layer that is gentle on wounds and moves without losing adherence.
  • High-absorbency dressing used for heavily exuding wounds.
  • Primary or secondary dressing to treat and manage partial- to full-thickness wounds at stages 2, 3, or 4.




4" x 5"



Product Sheet
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Dynarex SiliGentle AG Silver Silicone Foam Dressing **Non-Bordered** Download
Product Specifications:
weight 2.65
Absorbency Level High
Adhesive No
Antimicrobial (Y/N) Yes
Bandage Size 4" x 5"
Bordered (Y/N) No
Case Quantity 5/10/cs
Composite (Y/N) Yes
Contains Natural Rubber Latex (Y/N) No
Country of Origin China
DEHP Free (Y/N) Yes
Dressing Shape Square
Exudate Drainage High
HCPCS code A6210
Individually Packed Product Weight lbs 0.0
Occlusive (Y/N) Semi No
Primary Or Secondary Dressing Primary or Secondary
Product Material Main Foam pad (white or light brown polyurethane foam containing silver compounds - content is about 40%~60% in the dressing), Silicone gel contact layer (Transparent and perforated silicone gel - content is about 25~40% in the dressing), Backing film (Skin color and vapor permeable waterproof polyurethane film - content is about 3~5% in the dressing), PE release film (Transparent polyethylene film - content is about 10~17% in the dressing)
Rx Only (Y/N) Yes
Size Filter 4" x 5"
Unit Of Sale CS
Waterproof (Y/N) Yes
Wound Stage 2|3|4
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