McKesson Prevent® Sharps Container 8gal
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Product Description

Biohazard Sharps Container 8 Gallon White Lid
Item # 854428

  • McKesson Prevent® Premium Biohazard Sharps Container – PG-II
  • Red port lid.
  • Capacity: 8 Gallon
  • 33 Lbs. weight bearing capacity.
  • Dimensions: 13.5H X 17.3W X 13L Inch
  • PG-II grade: 4H2/Y15/S/16
  • Made of puncture and leak resistant plastic, containers are offered in multiple colors and sizes to accommodate various volumes, sizes and types of sharps waste.
  • They allow for touchless deposit of used sharps and are compatible with most existing wall cabinets and brackets for security and unwanted access prevention.
  • Puncture resistant.
  • No Secondary Packaging Required — Follow the lid closure instruction for “Seal and Ship” closure procedures. Seal it and Ship it in “Full Lock” mode.
  • Ability to nest and stack the containers for shipping.
  • Hermetically-sealed lids.
  • Hinged Lid System — Disposes large volumes while keeping lid connected to container saves staff time and efficiency.
  • 16 Point-Positive Locking Lid System; Audible clicks confirm the lid is locked.
  • Integrated Side Handles — Makes it easy to carry.
  • Maximum volume.
  • Do not reuse.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.

Product Specifications:
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