Peripheral IV Catheter Prevent® SLS 18 Gauge 1-1/4 Inch Polyurethane Straight Hub Non Blood Control Sliding Safety
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Product Description
  • Prevent® SLS Sliding Safety IV Catheters
  • Ergonomically designed with slide activation featuring corrugated, contoured grips, smooth bottom side, and push-off tabs that allow one-handed insertion and catheter advancement
  • Slide-style safety mechanism retracts needle fully and safely into the catheter body
  • Standard straight hub design
  • Audible -click- lock confirmation to ensure needle is safely encapsulated in the catheter body for safety through point of disposal
  • Ridged catheter hub for enhanced grip and stability when connecting I.V. administration lines
  • Needle shield encases the needle as catheter is advanced, promoting needlestick safety and reducing exposure to bloodborne pathogens
  • Gently tapered catheter tip requires less force and smooths transition from needle to catheter during insertion, easing the task for the clinician and reducing trauma for the patient
  • Triple-facet, back-cut, and polished beveled needle for multi-angle insertion using one- or two-handed techniques according to clinician preference
  • Bevel design allows visual alignment confirming needled is facing upward and leading edge of canula is positioned just shy of the needle-point bevel
  • Enhanced flashback design provide optimal visualization of blood return along the needle shaft allowing administrator immediate confirmation of vessel entry
  • ISO-compliant, color-coded catheter hub and packaging for easy identification of needle gauge size
  • Polyurethane catheter construction with medical-grade, ground stainless steel needle
  • Radiopaque materials allow use during x-rays or other form of radiation
  • Tapered catheter requires less force
  • Designed for end-user familiarity of sliding activation method with design improvements
  • Equipped with safety cap and individually wrapped for safety and sterility
  • Indicated to sample blood or administer fluids intravenously
  • Non-pyrogenic, DEHP-free, and not made with natural rubber latex



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